Tom McEwin with SandwichMy name is Tom McEwin, and I’ve decided it might be a bit of fun if I can learn to make money working online.  Why?  Well, extra money is always good, the internet is an exciting phenomenon and it makes for a great hobby.

The purpose of this blog is to record my development as I delve into the world of marketing other people’s products on the internet.  Before starting this blog I had made a grand total of $0.85, which came courtesy of a random click on my first blog.  I hadn’t quite made my first dollar, but it was definitely a start.

Why ‘Affiliate Playground’?

In order to increase the chances of me succeeding in actually making any money online, I wanted to keep things fun, with achievable goals and minimal financial risk. This reminded me of one of the great ways that children learn – by playing.

The word ‘affiliate’ relates to affiliate marketing, which essentially involves promoting other peoples products online and getting paid commission for doing so. Hence this blog is the place where I can record my experiences playing around with affiliate and internet marketing.

What’s the deal with the Header Image?

The header image is a holiday snap from a place called Park Guell in Barcelona. The great playground of Catalan architect Gaudi, where he tried out a whole bunch of techniques before starting on the Sagrada Familia, a cathedral he designed and which is still being built today, more than 80 years after his death.  Notwithstanding that Park Guell was a commercial failure, I find it kind of inspiring to see where Gaudi ended up and what his legacy has built.


As I work my way through the world of internet marketing, I’ll no doubt come across the odd useful affiliate marketing tool which I think is pretty good.  If I find one worth sharing, I’ll probably be using an affiliate link.  No difference to the price, but it just means that the merchant will give me a percentage of any profits if anyone buys.


Thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog – I hope you found it useful. If you like what you have read then you may like to follow me on twitter, or subscribe to my RSS feed. Please feel free to leave any comments you have.

I hope you stop by in future.